Windows Phone Fights Back With A Mango

Windows Phone Threads

Microsoft launched their new mobile operating system “mango” just a while ago and it has been very well received in the mobile computing industry. Just to summarize.

1. Microsoft have just launched their brand new mobile operating system.

2. They have just refurbished their App store.

3. Windows Phone 7 has an equivalent to iPhone’s “find my phone”.

4. Their App store is supposed to have better features than Apple’s App store – in that, apart from buying apps, you can also access your documents and photo’s – all in the same cloud.

5. So-all-you-geeks-been-developing Androids and Apples – if your market is saturated or want to make more money, here’s your chance.
This video is how the menu works.


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All the Pa pa ra agree, and so do I. That, to keep the market competitive, the ecosystem needs Microsoft – with Windows Phone and Blackberry – with their Blackberry OS to step up their game. Another thing to remember is that Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Marketplace has been gathering pace since the platform launched in 2010 with over 30,000 apps already.

iOS in the meantime has almost 600,000 Apps, while Android has just over 280,000 according to this.

Obviously, with this kind saturation in some markets, its easy to see developers expanding their scopes and coding for windows phone 7 and also why its good news for the industry.Looking at the way developers quickly took-up and developed for android, it’s not long before we see Microsoft having an “App for that” as well. Another thing to note is that, some companies, are preferring to code in HTML 5- meaning- the app store becomes kind of irrelevant, a good example is The Financial Times.

Also, when Nokia decided to go with Windows sometime back, guys thought they were crazy, but funny enough, the other day, HTC got behind the platform (zdnet) have also supported the platform saying Windows Phone 7.5 can now take on Android.

This guys looked around and concluded that smart-phones are largely becoming application launchers, and consumers are being left navigating a sea of icons and grids of apps.” So apparently they concluded that their “tiles” are better than icons and decided to focus their OS around people -not icons.

One of the capabilities that has been introduced that’s different from the other guys is that you can start with a text and finish in Facebook or Messenger chat (or vice versa).With Threads, you can switch instantly between texting and IM within a single conversation. You can also send a text with just your voice – totally hands-free – or text and chat with multiple contacts in a single thread.


Windows Phone Threads

Windows Phone Threads

Windows Phone also has mobile versions of Word, Excel, One Note and Power Point for working on the go. Start a Word document or Excel workbook on your phone, then synchronize it to SkyDrive meaning you can write or edit on your computer. Share Point Workspace Mobile allows you to collaborate with coworkers when you’re out and about.


Windows Phone Office Hub

Windows Phone Office Hub

And this where we expect Microsoft to start getting more market share especially in the corporate sector.


Internet Explorer – The mobile version has- Open multiple tabs, search suggestions as you type in the address bar and press phone numbers and addresses on webpages to call or map them.It’s been made social as well – you can share web links in email or with your social networks, from the phone’s browser.

Windows Phone Internet Explorer

Windows Phone Internet Explorer


While we wait for Nokia to launch their Windows Devices, Apple to launch their iPhone 5 or 4S, some manufacturers like HTC, LG and Samsung have already launched


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