Make Money Building Apps Dummy Guide….Windows Phone Apps

Make Money Building Apps

Any one can now build an App thanks to free to try tools available out there. If you are curious how this can be done look at the simple steps below. Should take around 3 minutes. This is an example to show how the controls work. This could be for example your own personalized 3D album App and you can also make money building apps.

Play around with the other control templates and maybe you could come up with the next “Angry Birds”. Remember to always look at the help section so that you keep improving your App building skills. Hope this article encourages you to delve even deeper.

To start a Simple App Guide see below.


Start by going to Microsoft  Expression Blend  here, and then select a version you want to try.


Microsoft Exoression Blend

Make Money Building for Dummies…App Buliding For Dummies, Windows Phone Apps

Download and install the package

Run the Program

When you run the program for the first time. This screen comes up


Select what kind of App you want to build. For this example the Wall 3d



Great now you have 59 days to try build an app. IF the idea is good it should pay you back :)



Click on and Start building App’s



This 3D Wall comes up




Select Button Control






Go to tools and make control




Select Scroll Viewer And Click OK.






And Voila –  Your first app that can scroll a 3d wall of pictures !


Go to “Project” on the Main Menu bar  and scroll down to Run project


Opens New Browser Window or Tab. You can also try other similar programs example Android Developers and try it as well. iOS has many programs that you can also use to create iPhone Apps.

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