iPhone 5 Dominates Web Search


iPhone 5 Factor Continues To Dazzle The World

The web is currently buzzing with news and discussions about Apple’s iPhone 5 at the moment. This is also confirmed by Google’s official release of the most searched for terms this year.  We already know that Apple has a policy of not commenting on future products.

There is also talk of cross App store access that s currently going on in discussions online. We know that Apple would never allow that, on the other hand Android and Windows are already being integrated by some manufacturers. AMD are offering software that lets users with AMD laptops access to Android Market /Google Play.

If some the features in these videos are true it will be an interesting 2012 for mobile computing. To keep the rumour mill going see this video made by an Apple enthusiast which has been viewed over 38 million times!.


[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/lzsBwnv_dAg”]


iPhone 5 is rumored to have the same shape like the much-loved 3GS style but much slimmer with 3D projection capabilities!.


Apple Fights back with iPhone 4S


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