Battle of the Geeks 4: Android, iOS, Windows


Whoever runs away with the ultimate communication device of the future will ultimately depend on what Google and the Android, Apple with the iOS and Microsoft with Windows Mobile have in the works. An operating environment that lets any device from different platforms communicate effectively.

We are in era where we now see mobile devices are being asked to perform corporate and social functions. The more stable the operating environment is, the more popular whatever that platform has been.The better it can communicate with other devices, the easier to develop applications for, the easier to make money with it and cost are SOME of the driving factors behind the success we have seen in the past events.




We are now seeing some developers coming up with multi OS applications and its looking more and more likely that this trend will continue to rise. Google with their Android are already rattling the market with its multi-device capabilities and the Chrome OS which is cloud based,  in Cupertino they have quickly responded with iCloud just in-case, and Microsoft already have a family of cloud services.


Another computing concept that is slowly emerging is the combined Netbook/Tab form factor, with some delightful designs coming out like the Dell Inspiron Duo Netbook, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Acer ICONIA TAB, Lenovo Idea Pad ranges quickly bridging the Netbook/Tab form factors.


Some other manufactures have decided to put more that one operating system in one device like the ViewSonic ViewPad10, Acer ASpire D255 which are currently dual booting Windows 7 and Android.

With mobile manufacturers now launching dual core mobile devices with better capabilities, and memory modules continually shrinking maybe its easy to see the PC confined to the commercial sector or the office. Its looking more and more likely that cloud services are the next big sell to the mass.





If this continues to evolve as we have seen, then its easy to imagine devices with multi operating system environments which you can easily flip between. Maybe some more hardware Geeks will come up with devices that can multi-boot all the major operating operating systems.

That leaves Applications as one of the driving factors in the industry with developers now having more choice over the choice of who to develop for.

Whether its true that devices will need to have these capabilities remains to be determined mainly by the ultimate judge – you the buyers.

What is true, is that, Application’s (App’s) were the driving factor behind the successes of Windows in the PC era and they dominated it, then, Apple with iOS for the iPhone / iPad and now Android devices as more developers start to develop for.

It is said that, of the three platforms, Android has the highest number of device activations per day

To be continued Battle Of The Geeks 5….

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