The Ultimate Gaming Laptops 2 2

Why get a desktop if you can get a gaming laptop that can do that plus more. These days laptops and computers are almost at per in terms of capability. These things are getting so powerful its hard to tell weather to get a laptop or notebook or tablet?.

Razer Blade

Apple's Siri - A powerful Voice Assistant

The Unstopable Rise Of Voice Assistants 1

If you want to know how Siri is already generating loads of interest and want to know about its rivals see this post by RegHardware which compares four of its best rivals.

The Ultimate In Ear Headphones Part 2 1

Its said there is a direct relationship between how much you spend and the quality of the ear phones. With that in mind, some people will go to all lengths to make sure that the sound is perfect. Sometimes you may need high quality ear-buds depending on what you do

Sony MDR EX1000

Top 10 Of The Best Music Sites and Clients In The World. 4

Streaming seems to be the trend on rise at the current moment. The Best Music Sites and Clients now offer live streaming services to smartphones, tablets and some smart televisions and speakers. Coming from an error where downloading music was rife with piracy, followed by the problem with licensing and protecting music artists, then the way the entertainment sector suffered over the years, and now different approaches to monetizing digital entertainment media.

Apple iPod Classic

How The iPod Changed Mobile Computing Forever

In 2001 the first iPod was launched and was described as a 5GB Mac Compatible product that would put 1000 songs in your pocket. It came at the right time – computing was taking off, downloading digital content was the norm and the PC ruled the roost in computing.

The Ultimate Gaming Laptops 1 5

These high performance laptops will completely replace your desktop plus give you amazing 3D gaming capabilities. It’s always best to choose a laptop that gives you room for expansion like upgrading memory, hard drive etc.

Battalion X7200

The Ultimate Head Phones 8

Some of these head phones allow you to stream music wirelessly and make calls directly for devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Others have a cable included

The Ultimate Headphones

Top Shopping And Comparison Websites 3

Online Shopping trends have risen to such levels that most of these sites have an apps for your mobile devices. Together with discount aggregators like GroupOn you may end with with a bargain or a very unique shopping experience.

Afinia H-Series 3D Printer - H479

3D Printers: The Next Biggest Thing.

3D Printers: One interesting industry that is slowly gathering momentum is that of 3D printing. The technology has advanced to such levels, that words like stock prices, printing services and 3D printing companies. For a technology that is not very mainstream, you would expect a few names but instead you find a flourishing industry despite the current economic times.

LED Lights To The Rescue

If you have seen the news lately you will may have noticed the announcements from energy companies that Electricity prices have shot up again as energy companies have announced further 10% price hikes. Saving money on energy bills is an extremely hot topic at the moment, winter is approaching and UK consumers are searching for every opportunity to reduce their fuel bills. Right in the mix of things is a company called LED Hut.


Popular Download Websites

Looking to download basic software for you PC, Mobile, Laptop or Some Tablets? Popular Download Websites by these any of these geeks who will hook you up with code, plus reviews and forums if you get stuck.

Sony’s Army Of Wireless Speakers

Sony are quietly developing high-tech entertainment ecosystems of the future. This time around focus is on the Sony SA-NS410 Wireless Speakers – which are set take the world by storm with its low price tag.

Possibilities Of Sony Wireless Speaker

Absolute Radio

13 Free Top Rated iPhone Music Apps

If you like your Net Radio and have a smartphone specifically an iPhone – there are loads of apps that can stream radio to your handset or mp3 player, woofer and  and also allow you to preview songs before you buy or download. This post covers the most popular 13 Free […]

Bluetooth Speakers Under £50

Bluetooth Speakers Under £50 Great thing about bluetooth speakers is that you can take then out and about when you need to. This kind of speakers are made for bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, portable music players, laptops and electronic devices which are popping up with streaming capabilities.   Boombero Great […]

Sony Wireless Speaker App


Social Media Revolution 1

  The Most Popular Social Media  Most downloaded Android Apps The Most Popular Instant Messaging Apps/Programs. The Best iPhone music Apps Highest Rated Windows Mango Apps. social media