The 5 Best Smartphones of 2013

The iPhone 5s might have won the popularity contest this year, but if we’re going to talk about smartphones that corner the market on performance, you’re in the right place.



Introducing The #FellowesInc Powershred 73ci Jam Proof Shredder

FellowesInc Unleash A Jam Proof Shredder.   This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. If you don’t have a Fellowes Powershred 73Ci Shredder, then you don’t have SafeSense. After seeing most industries around the world madly innovating, engineers […]

LifeKeep Vs Consumer Cloud Services

LifeKeep is one of those apps or websites that could potentially change the way we archive personal information and document our lives. Cloud computing services search results come with all these technical stuff about data centers, apps, companies, Cisco, cloud collaboration small businesses, vaults, super servers, data centers ….. nothing cool out there. So how is the technology even useful to consumers?.

LifeKeep - a Secure Social Network and Life Management Application

Boombero Great Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under £50

Bluetooth Speakers Under £50 Great thing about bluetooth speakers is that you can take then out and about when you need to. This kind of speakers are made for bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, portable music players, laptops and electronic devices which are popping up with streaming capabilities.   Boombero Great […]

Survive The Mayan Apocalypse.

The Mayan Apocalypse clearly says that the world ends on 21-12-2012. It’s quite disappointing that there is no survival guide for those that might end up at the wrong gates. This Google image search might also help clear any confusion about which gates to take on the way to heaven

Get The Devil This Mug

John Lewis Introduces Microsoft Surface RT Tablets And Sells Out

Three Green Surface RT’s Sitting On A Shelf. As you already know by now, Microsoft Surface Tablets with Windows RT were launched few weeks back. Microsoft has been doing that thing a bit too much. Em.. “Going after Apple style shops”. At first they were like 2 year olds refusing to […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows RT


Budget Smartphone Showdown 2012

Budget Smartphone Showdown 2012 | SUB £100 Smartphones Anyone that bought budget smartphones within the last few years will tell you that it never worked or

Laptop Safes: Keep Your Lifeline Safe And Sound

Email, address book, music, photos, bookmarks, films and TV shows: for many of us these things are all collected, kept and maintained in one small space, our laptops. Suddenly losing such a vital lifeline because of theft can be traumatic.

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3D Printers: The Next Biggest Thing.

3D Printers: One interesting industry that is slowly gathering momentum is that of 3D printing. The technology has advanced to such levels, that words like stock prices, printing services and 3D printing companies. For a technology that is not very mainstream, you would expect a few names but instead you find a flourishing industry despite the current economic times.

Afinia H-Series 3D Printer - H479

iPad Mini

iPad Mini Already Selling Like HotCake

Apple recently just launched the iPad mini and already there are reports that some models have already sold out. Apple have tried to aim for the budget mini tablet market with this model. The reaction around seems to be very positive so far with the only complaint being no retina display.

LED Lights To The Rescue

If you have seen the news lately you will may have noticed the announcements from energy companies that Electricity prices have shot up again as energy companies have announced further 10% price hikes. Saving money on energy bills is an extremely hot topic at the moment, winter is approaching and UK consumers are searching for every opportunity to reduce their fuel bills. Right in the mix of things is a company called LED Hut.



John Lewis Top Ten Christmas Toys

Staff owned British Company, John Lewis has released its Top Ten Christmas Toys for 2012 ahead of the Christmas shopping frenzy that normally starts from November. Looks like they have already worked out what Kids are asking for and are good to go on another successful festive campaign emulating 2011, which saw them exceed shareholder expectations.

Camera Lens Mug

MenKind’s Top 5 Gadget Predictions For Christmas

I was left in stitches when I saw Menkind’s Top 5 Predictions for Christmas 2012 based on the queries they are seeing on their website and stores. The list actually demonstrates that most men have a softer spot than many would have imagined. Menkind who have been featured in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 league 2 years in a row specialize in